Prototyping a device before launching into full production can help determine form, fit, and function, aid in marketing decisions, as well as being used in product design verification activities. At SMC we have a dedicated team and manufacturing space just for prototyping. Our in-house team can produce prototype parts in intended resins using proprietary tooling. Our prototyping device process can mimic the manufacturing process by providing full working devices. Most prototypes can also receive secondary operations such as painting, pad printing, and laser engraving.

Highlights of SMC’s Prototyping Capabilities:

  • Rapid prototypes with clear, opaque and elastomeric materials (<3 days typical)
  • Rapid prototypes via CNC machining in both metals and plastic resins of choice
  • Prototyping with intended resins
  • Tools made with production scale-up concept in mind
  • 24/7 operations
  • Dedicated equipment and people
  • Automated CMM
  • Prototypes can also receive secondary ops such as pad printing and laser marking
  • Full device assemblies with prototypes are available