Silicone (LIM)

At SMC Ltd. we have proven that complex silicone parts can be produced repeatedly in nearly half the lead-time as traditional silicone molding options. With capabilities that range from up-front product development through the introduction of finished devices, we can bring your silicone program to market in the shortest time with the most predictable outcome.

SMC’s Silicone Capabilities Include:

  • In-house tool making capabilities reduce lead times
  • Automated closed-loop systems limit contamination
  • State-of-art machines with applied robotic and automation equipment
  • Precise color injection systems allowing custom colors and shades
  • Ultra precision through unique in-house mold making processes
  • Optimized cycle times
  • Design for Manufacture input and options
  • Time compression through specialized mold making equipment
  • Shortened mold development through in-house precision tool making
  • Wide variety of silicone materials
  • Over molding of thermoplastics and metals with silicone
  • In-line curing systems
  • Part sizes ranging from 0.06 – 145 grams
  • Use of wide variety of self bonding materials

The Silicone Advantage

Silicone material when combined with the process of LIM (liquid injection molding) is well suited to the unique needs of the medical product industry. Silicone materials are biocompatible, inert and stable, flexible, have a low compression set with a wide range of durometers, and offer superior heat resistance. High quality components with complex shapes can be repeated in high quantities in a cost effective manner.

Complex Contoured Geometries

Programs that require complex contoured geometries are ideal for SMC’s silicone molding process. With our in-house mold manufacturing process we can provide parts with minimal or no flash. Part sizes ranging from 0.06 – 145 grams.

Designing for Silicone

Designing medical device components for the silicone process requires up-front design considerations up-front due to silicone’s unique properties. During early stages of the design process, partnering with SMC’s engineers can help identify items such as form, fit, function, parting lines, and gate placement that should be considered to achieve the best results during manufacturing. SMC’s experience with silicone applications help to minimize problems, reduce cycle times, and cost by considering the challenges of designing for silicone.

R&D Silicone Specialists

Our passion for innovation helps provide our customers the competitive advantage they need in the marketplace. SMC’s main goal is to offer “speed-to-market” solutions to our customers. One area of focus is silicone and thermoplastic prototyping. SMC’s R&D group can provide silicone prototype parts fast. Customers who utilize SMC’s prototype process have reduced new product development (NPD) timelines and provided valuable “lessons learned” before cutting production tooling.

SMC’s R&D group continues to investigate the latest cutting edge technologies and silicone materials that may give our customers an edge in their market space.