At SMC, we understand the quality of product is only as good as the quality of tooling produced. SMC focuses on offering high quality tooling solutions dedicated to robust processes and reduced speed-to-market.

Whether your program requires short runs or complex high cavitation tooling, our in-house tooling team is committed to producing results in less time.

Collaborating with you early ensures that the tooling solution is sensitive to timelines, budgets, and production requirements. Quality and consistency are the standard as SMC’s proprietary tool building capabilities produce tools that result in quality parts through the life of the product.

Tooling Capabilities Include:

  • DFM and Moldflow
  • Automated hard milling
  • Micro molding to high cavitation
  • World class dedicated tool room
  • Around the clock tool design
  • Dedicated prototyping area
  • 7 days a week

Silicone Tooling

SMC is committed to developing the best technologies for its customers. Our passion for innovation helps provide our customers the competitive advantage they need in the marketplace. SMC’s goal to offer first-to-market solutions for customers is why we have developed our own proprietary silicone tool building capabilities. By managing tool builds in-house, we can significantly reduce lead-times for tooling and components as well as streamlining the overall development process.

Advantages of SMC’s In-House Tooling Capabilities:

  • Faster turnaround
  • Streamline development process and manufacturing
  • Ability to create complex parting lines
  • Ability to incorporate overmolding or two-shot applications
  • Supply chain simplification